Leviathan – Texas, USA


2017 – 2019


Kiewit Yard, Texas, USA


Noble Energy

Project Introduction:

3B were awarded the contract to provide all dimensional control requirements throughout the fabrication of the Leviathan Platform and jacket.

3B were heavily involved in this project, starting with the main structure & top sides along with the jacket surveys, the individual modules which were to be placed on the platform, the flare boom, all the landing hooks / interface sections, right through to the load out surveys in July 2019.

Throughout this project we had teams based in the main fabrication yard – Kiewit which was located in Corpus Christie, Texas, but we also travelled throughout the globe to assist in the fabrication of the various elements which were being built in, but not limited to, Louisiana, Houston, Singapore, Holland, Canada, UK & Israel.

After the platform left the USA, it sailed down to her new home in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Israel, where again 3B were heavily involved in the hook up & completion of the platform installation. This included the as-built survey of the jacket after it had been landed, confirming all the leg cuts, to all the closing spool surveys offshore, and working in the fabrication yard to assist building them to the correct tolerances before installation.